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The Importance of Date Night.

I was going to post about the Royal Wedding, but who needs to read/hear any more commentary about the Royal Wedding? Suffice it to say that I loved it — the fairytale of it, the things I appreciated from a planning standpoint (truth), and even the spiritual meaning behind that kind of a spectacular wedding. The Bible says all Christians are heading to a big Royal Wedding where the Bridegroom is waiting for us. We’re all sons and daughters of a King.

Anyways, I won’t go all Royal-Wedding on this blog entry. I wanted to post about our premarital counseling homework.

All we have to do for homework these next two months is date. Seemingly easy, right? Not for us — Dayne is in the middle of an extra assignment at work (above & beyond his normal workload), I am in a job transition, we are wedding planning, and we are still trying to keep up with friends and family and normal life.

We were supposed to date once a week, but we realistically had to pare it down to once every week and a half. That’s actually really good for us.

No wedding talk, no work talk, just good, old-fashioned dating.

Well, we did take it seriously and we planned out specific dates every week and a half for the next two months. Our first date day/night was yesterday (Saturday). We still had some wedding stuff to do beforehand – like buying Dayne’s wedding ring and having a tasting at our venue – but afterwards I went with Dayne to play disc golf (first time for me; he loves it), we visited my family, we ate frozen pizza at my apartment and watched The King’s Speech.

It was a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL day and I honestly forgot how much I enjoy spending time with Dayne. Pathetic, right? I’m marrying him and I couldn’t remember what it was like to just relax and spend time with him.

It turns out most of the anxiety I was feeling about the wedding revolved around that simple issue – that I couldn’t remember what it was like to enjoy being with Dayne. Everything had become work and stress, and that’s a very dangerous place for a relationship to be.

I realized that I have to tone it down and remember to take breaks (long breaks). I honestly remembered yesterday & today why I fell in love with Dayne in the first place. And how much more I love him now.

Yes, we did work on more wedding stuff today… and came up with a killer posterboard timeline:

And we worked on Dayne’s extra assignment together. But we also hung out, made dinner, and watched another good movie tonight (The Switch). It was lovely.

So I’m learning now that we’re going to have to fight for date night — not just during wedding planning, but during every season of life. There are going to be times when we don’t remember why we married each other, I’m sure. There are going to be times when our lives revolve around our jobs, or our kids, or friends or family crises. I hope we think back to our premarital counseling (or this blog entry) and remember to make time to date. Because we are happier and stronger as a couple that way 🙂

 ^^See how happy we are? We were dating.

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Thursday Night Vacation Update.

So much has been going on that I only have time for a random, quick post!

I am on vacation – the girls are away with their parents for a long weekend – and I am sooooooooo happy. I felt noticeably lighter tonight than I have in a long time. Possibly because the weather is getting better and I got to spend time with two of my favorite people tonight!

Amy came over to make a twine ball with me.

Let me just say that I have never considered myself creative, or craft-y, or gifted with too many feminine traits. Dayne’s mom is AWESOME at these things, and she has been such a help with making samples of napkin rings, twine balls, favors, etc. Then I try to copy what she did, and it turns out looking very… Lisa-like.

To prove my point, here is the twine ball that Deb made (along with the shepherd’s hook she found for $1… how does she do that?!) and we decorated together:

Looks pretty, right? 🙂 I’m just gonna have to get more of Deb’s help until I become less inept at crafting.

This also happened tonight while Amy was playing around with the camera on her new iPhone… I love moments captured in time like this:

And this verse came to mind tonight and I liked it, especially the Amplified version:

Isaiah 26:3: “You will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind [both its inclination and its character] is stayed on You, because he commits himself to You, leans on You, and hopes confidently in You.” (emphasis mine… I want to work on doing these things [especially leaning on Him] and attaining that perfect & constant peace!)

Also, PUPPY!:

My family got the cutest dog and dogs are the best, right?! He is such a little angel. I wuv him. (Can you already hear me asking, “Dayne, can we get a dog?” Because it’s happening. Sooner than later.)


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The Text, The Bug, and The Binder.

Alright, blog, I’m sorry for neglecting you. Unfortunately, you’re not alone. I have also neglected my apartment, my food intake, my two humidifers (humidifier A broke and I’m pretty sure humidifier B is on its way out), and basically everything in my life that doesn’t go in The Binder (The Binder is my wedding planning binder – divided into 8 sections and beautifully organized, I might add).

God did slow me down a bit this week from my Wedding Planning Hundred-Yard Dash. I worked on Tuesday and the mom mentioned to me that the dad had gotten what they thought was food poisoning on Sunday night. No harm done; I don’t think I even thought about it the rest of the day as I played with the girls, fed them, changed their diapers, and otherwise happily shared all kinds of germs with them. Then that night I got The Text: both the girls started throwing up. Wooooo hoooo. I put on my seatbelt and started praying and praying and praying and praying that I wouldn’t get The Bug. Even though deep in my heart, I thought it was pretty inevitable that I would get The Bug. I mean, I’m a nanny for two toddlers, and I wish I had a dollar for every time I said, “please get your hand out of your mouth”.

So I was off on Wednesday, which is when the mom came down with The Bug. Not looking good… but I got tons of wedding planning done (more stuff for The Binder)! And I was feeling pretty optimistic as I ran some errands (ginger ale and white grape peach juice… just in case, and a cake topper, for fun) and still felt really good. Then we had book study that night and I took extra care not to share germs with anyone (had Dayne put my chips in a separate bowl, thank-you-very-much). At book study, I had “that I wouldn’t get The Bug” as one of my prayer requests (I’m paraphrasing), and we all talked about how I probably wouldn’t (were my friends sincerely thinking I wouldn’t get The Bug, or were they just trying to assuage my fear of The Bug? Hmm…). I ate like a normal person — salad for dinner and chips during book study…

Then, around 9:30, it hit. The guys were still hanging around and talking phone technology with Dayne (I was half-listening and half-marveling at how bad my stomach was starting to feel). Dayne hung around for a few moments after the rest of the guys left, and we sat on the couch as I willed the increasing stomach discomfort to go away. Then Dayne left and I settled in for the long-haul. Propped up my pillows (am I the only one who can’t lay flat with an upset stomach?), put in an Everybody Loves Raymond DVD, and tried to fall asleep. I think I slept for about an hour and a half, then I was up the rest of the night with bad stomach pain and waves of nausea. Fun fun! Still didn’t think it was too bad and thought it might even pass by the time the morning rolled around, so I went to brush my teeth. Bad idea. That made me even more nauseous, and then The Bug got its vengeance.

Luckily, I only “got sick” once, and the rest of the day was spent recovering and trying to summon the energy and hutzpah to eat a cracker. I received several wedding planning emails that I ignored (the audacity! The Binder wasn’t happy), although I did manage to address, seal, and stamp all of my Save-the-Dates that afternoon. By 4:00 I could eat, and by 6:00 I had a 102-degree fever. Took some Tylenol and I was okay. Dayne brought over soup and white bread and took all the Save-the-Dates with him to drop in the mail like a good little fiancé. 🙂

Yesterday, Dayne and I had a cupcake tasting and I actually tasted some cupcake and held it down so I think I’m doing much better. Today, I may even eat regular food again! I’m trying not to let The Binder rule my life (I had so many half-crazy-dreams about wedding planning in my Wednesday night stomach pain delirium, it actually turned me off a bit from the whole process) and trying to just enjoy it in intervals. Which will hopefully give me more time for Dayne, reading, and more consistent blogging (fingers crossed!). And for God and my Bible studies. God stayed up with me all night on Wednesday through my groaning, and for that I am truly grateful. He made it quite a bit easier. At the beginning, I was wishing I was married already so that Dayne would be there to keep me company and make me feel better — then I realized that Dayne would probably be wanting to sleep and I wouldn’t be in the best mood for company really — and God just let me talk to Him and complain all night long and He was quiet but persistently there, reassuring me that all the discomfort would pass eventually. He gave me exactly what I needed (which is really what He’s good at, so it’s about time I believed Him for it). It wasn’t what I wanted (what I wanted was to be Bug-Free), but it was what I needed.