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The Weirdest Day of the Year.

I could have sworn yesterday was a full moon.  January 25, 2011 was easily the weirdest day that I can remember.  I felt PMS-y all day, super-emotional for no reason, Emma was wound up beyond belief and got two tearful time-outs, women’s Bible study was all over the place last night, and then I came home and called my mom & she said that my dad had fluid in his eye that was probably pink eye but that the doctor had told him to go to the ER.  Oh, and my brother had pre-season tennis practice til 10 pm.  On a school night.  My, how times have changed.

And then this wonky weather forecast!  “It’s going to snow but it’s probably going to rain but it could very well be freezing rain and it might start during the morning commute but it will definitely start on Wednesday sometime and the evening commute  is going to be awful but not necessarily awful because the really heavy stuff is going to come later at night… and that could be really heavy rain or heavy freezing rain OR heavy snow, so be prepared because this is an Official Winter Storm Watch.”   I want to be a meteorologist, really. They were probably hanging around drinking a bunch of beers yesterday as they kept rewriting the predictions and winter storm notices.

Because this morning, when I woke up at 5:50 a.m., there were already inches of snow on the ground and it was steadily snowing (yes, HEAVY snow! The kind that wasn’t supposed to come until later!).  And it has been HEAVY SNOWING ever since!!  We must have a good 4 or 5 inches already and it isn’t even noon.

But the MOST weird part about the whole thing is that my dad didn’t have pink eye.  He has a detached retina.  And he had to go from the ER to an eye hospital in Philadelphia last night, and my family (mom & brother) took him and brought him back around 3:00 a.m.  And then he had to be back in at 8 a.m. for his emergency surgery.  And I was going to coordinate the day with my family so that I could switch off with my brother and possibly my mom and give them a break while I stay at the hospital with my dad.  They’re not quite sure which surgery he’s even going to get – it could be a quick procedure or a more in-depth, lengthier operation.  So that’s all up in the air and then my brother had to drive him in this mess this morning and they JUST called to say they got to the hospital (it took them 3 hours to get to a place that’s 1 hour away).  The good thing is that they’ll be able to start the surgery soon and that will save the vision in his eye (detached retinas lead to blindness without intervention).

(I was going to post a picture of a detached retina here but I got nauseous looking at them. You’re welcome.)


So that’s what’s going on!  Mark January 25th in your calendar for next year with the word “CRAZY”.  The great part is that I didn’t go into work today because I wanted to be available to go to the hospital and the parents I work for were really flexible with me.  I’m SO glad in retrospect that I didn’t try to get on the roads this morning because they were a mess (and they’ve only gotten worse).  I’m just waiting to head out to the hospital until my dad goes into surgery and I get an idea of when the snow might take a break for a little while.

…Just heard a snowplow!