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What I Just Learned from Calling 13 Apartment Complexes

1) Leasing offices: don’t hire people to answer your phones who can’t answer the phone with a cheerful, helpful demeanor. If I sense a negative tone of voice before I’ve even said anything, I scratch your complex off my list.

2) No apartment complex wants an apartment opening up in the winter. Because nobody wants to move in the winter. This makes trying to find a 6-month lease that ends in December/January pretty difficult (and will probably make our house hunting difficult as well).

3) Apartment availability is usually only known about 60 days in advance, with rare exceptions.

4) Shoot earlier than you want to move – because there is the “turn-around” time once the previous tenant moves out for painting, carpet steaming, and general prepping. A lot of complexes gave me a move-in date of mid-July when I said I was looking for end of June/beginning of July availability.

5) Leasing offices: Answer your phone. It helps. If you can’t answer your phone, at least give me the option of leaving a voicemail rather than listening to your phone ring endlessly. Not professional.

6) Really? Your leasing office doesn’t open until 11:00 a.m. on a weekday? Everybody else is at work; where are you?

7) One apartment complex not only answered all the questions I asked, but also emailed me information and called me within an hour to confirm an appointment we set up for Saturday. If you come across as highly organized, I’ll be impressed.

At least Dayne & I have a few choices – I’d say 6 out of 13 look like safe bets. Waiting to hear back from 2 of them, so maybe we’ll end up with 8!