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Walk, Don’t Run

I realized tonight that I am clearly in the midst of learning not to run ahead of God.

I feel like Dayne and I are on the brink… we got married, I switched jobs, we found a church, we started getting involved in some groups, we’re reading the Bible, and we’re going to be looking for a house sometime soon (God willing). Friendships and relationships have shifted, our marriage has changed as an entity and it has changed us, our calendar is suddenly empty… it’s all very new and exciting and bizarre and uncertain. There is so much potential.

This is usually the point where I run ahead of myself, of the people around me, and of God — to figure things out, close deals, move ahead, and dream big. I am a planner by nature and am not satisfied with planning a mere step ahead… I like to have at least the next 6 months figured out (it used to be more like six years, so I’ve gotten a little better).

God is teaching me something while I’m reading in Genesis about these patriarchs who walked with God daily – minute by minute, hour by hour. First – I need to slow down. And second – I need to not get ahead of myself, and especially not ahead of God.

This lesson came up in one of my readings this past week: in Genesis 16, Sarai became distressed that she & her husband, Abraham, had not had any children yet, even though God promised them descendants. So she told Abraham to sleep with her servant so that they could have children. He did, and Sarai’s servant (Hagar) had a son, and the situation caused enmity between Sarai and Hagar. Eventually, Hagar fled from Sarai’s mistreatment. Broken relationships and sin resulted from Sarai’s rushing ahead of God, which was rooted in her distrust of His plan.

I want to receive the best God has for my husband & me, and that will come as a result of seeking Him first, trusting His plan and his timing, and faithfully walking with Him.

I hope I will continue to focus on this and take things a little slower than I usually do… I know Dayne would appreciate it! And I might have time to appreciate and receive all that God’s giving me, showing me, and teaching me right now.

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Unity & Trust, Peace & Joy

Here I am again, a day later, blogging.

I guess sometimes you need to vent about something to feel right again.

Life is good today. While work was a bit rough and I felt a bit off all day, there were some definite bright spots in between 8am & 4pm. For example: chatting with Dana in the morning, getting some solid work done, finally receiving the school’s updated phone list (yippee! Seriously), and my friend Ashlee bringing me a cranberry-orange smoothie from Panera and chatting with me at the end of the day.

I also got a good start this morning with my Daily Walk Bible. I’m up to Genesis 15, and it’s really cool to see some themes start to emerge:

  • Yesterday we studied the building of the Tower of Babel, when God noticed the power of man’s UNITY and pride and decided to disperse them and confuse their languages (Genesis 11). It was interesting to ponder how we are still in a state of confusion and dispersion today, which leads to a lot of worldwide misunderstanding and conflict. The most fascinating part is recognizing that we have greater unity in Christ than we’d ever have in human unity. God’s plan all along is for a more perfect unity through Himself.
  • Today we studied God’s call to Abram to pick up his family and his possessions and move to a land that God would show him (Genesis 12). What?! This proposition would never fly in Lisa Land. I’ve noticed that I am far less TRUSTing than Abram. I am a planner through and through, and the idea of starting something so revolutionary while only knowing the first step throws me because it is so counter-intuitive to me. However, this is the FAITH God calls us to have! “…Without faith it is impossible to please God…” (Hebrews 11:6). Will I recognize my lack of faith and move forward in complete trust in God? I could think of one major area in particular where I struggle with this: our search for a house. I was thankful for the opportunity to talk this through with Dayne tonight, especially because he’s reading the same passages each day with me. I think we have a fresh perspective on our house hunt in 2012, and I think I have the motivation to be more calm and at peace and patient with wherever God leads us.

After work, Dayne was supposed to be out til 7, so I actually summoned the energy to go run some errands! I read a great article today entitled, “You Never Marry the Right Person“, and was so excited about it that I decided to buy the book at Barnes & Noble: The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. CANNOT. WAIT. to read it. I also picked up The Tiger’s Wife by Téa Obreht, because I read great reviews of it and have been wanting to read a new novel. And I bought a new journal for notetaking during sermons, prayer requests, etc. for 2012. I write everything down.

I *also* ran to Target and finished buying my husband’s surprise birthday presents!! His birthday is February 6th.

…Feel free to leave him love notes, as long as they’re not too lovey.

The day settled with cheeseburgers and corn for dinner, made by my hubby, with our conversation on what we’ve been reading in the Bible and the catch-up of our days. In case you’re wondering, Dayne had a good day, too. I’m proud of the fantastic job he does at work and thrilled that he is such a great provider. I’m a blessed lady.

Well, my blog friends, that is about all I wanted to say. I needed an encouraging day pretty badly, and God gave me one. I am thankful for my many blessings tonight, and I even have the energy to stay up a little later so that I can write this blog and start my new journal.

I hope you’re all feeling some peace and joy today, too — though those words are often on Christmas cards, I am feeling them ever-so-strongly tonight.