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A post at quarter past midnight.

Dayne and I started out with the best intentions: we would go to Target and set up our registry, then Men’s Wearhouse to figure out the groom’s and groomsmen’s attire, and then make it home early to get to church at 5.

We did our registry at Target, which was a pretty pleasant experience since we were just handed a scan gun and given free reign of the store. We spent a few hours in there, picking out stuff that we couldn’t/didn’t register for at Bed Bath & Beyond (like electronics) and random other Target-y stuff. By the time we left the store, we felt accomplished and not as totally exhausted as when we did our Bed Bath & Beyond registry a couple of weeks ago (that time, we literally went beyond).

There was a Mattress Factory store across the street from Target so we decided to go in there to price out Tempurpedic beds. Have any of you readers ever had any experience with a Tempurpedic bed? I mean, I laid down on the thing and the world suddenly shifted; I never knew I could lay on anything so comfy. Dayne and I were pretty much immediately sold on the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme. So we filled out the paperwork to place the order later (like when we know where we are going to be living).

Then we went to Men’s Wearhouse, and that was just an experience. I don’t get it. I kept saying I wanted a light green tie and they didn’t have any and the salesguy was just convinced that I was out of my mind on not only that but the shoe color and all these other little details… anyways, we found the perfect suit for Dayne, but it’s just that — a suit. So we’re gonna try to figure that one out because you can’t rent suits. And we don’t want to go the tuxedo route.

We made it to church on time (even though we ran a little late in the afternoon) and then ate dinner and then Dayne went home. After he left, I logged into our wedding registry at Target.


Only 34 items.


About HALF of the things we registered for (at least!) didn’t actually make it onto our registry. I immediately tried to recall everything we scanned, but of course we weren’t walking around taking notes so half of it is just missing. Then I tried looking up stuff I remember scanning and some of it just wasn’t on the website at all. There went our luggage, our beach chairs, our over-the-toilet shelving thingy (a space saver? Is that the most clever name they could come up with?), our Wheel of Fortune Wii game…

I am so disappointed.
And then I googled “Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme” and read some really great reviews and some really terrible reviews. I’m hoping we have a good return policy just in case. Some of the negative reviews say the bed is only comfortable when you first lay down on it, then it gets hot and uncomfy and unsupportive.

So, I ask you: Target registry – good or bad experiences? Tempurpedic mattresses – yay or nay? Suits or tuxes? Is it July yet?

And one more registry to go: Crate & Barrel.