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What to do with leftover apples?


Last year, when we were still only dating, Dayne and I apple-picked our faces off and came home with waaaaay too many apples — and ambitious as I was (trying to impress Dayne, I guess), I started baking straight-away and made apple pie, apple crisp, and applesauce. All in one day. We forced everyone who came over to my apartment that week to eat our apple baked goods. I believe we still threw away an entire bag of apples at the end of Apple Week 2010, and vowed to never eat apples again.

This year, we completely forgot the horrific experience and headed straight back to Highland Orchards to do it all over again. What can we say? We’re stupid.

This time, as you’ll recall, it was too crowded to actually go out into the fields, so we apple-picked a little basket of Jonagolds (our favorite from last year) straight from the bin:

I actually made Dayne put an apple back and act like he was "picking" an apple for this shot. I'm a fun wife.

I let the apples sit for a few days before I got around to making apple crisp. It was delicious, but it was not enough to absorb our Apple Collection of 2011.

This is the only photo I got of our apple crisp. It didn't last long on a plate.

So while I was busy enjoying my sinus infection, I realized I had to do something with the rest of the apples that kept glaring at me from the corner of our kitchen counter. I thought about making applesauce, but we would never eat it – we’ve got two half-eaten jars of Musselman’s and Mott’s or whatever they are in the fridge.

So I posted on facebook asking what to do with the leftover apples (facebook comments are where I get all my good ideas) and my wedding coordinator, of all people, responded that I should look for a chicken and sauteéd apples recipe online. I found one from Real Simple and got to work. It surprisingly didn’t require anything special – just chicken breasts, onion, apple, garlic, thyme, apple cider, and dijon mustard – all of which I had “in-house”, which is always a plus when you’re running a fever.

I honestly did not expect this to be good. But I was desperate.

You just let it simmer together into this gross-looking mess.

It looks like vomit. This is the un-prettiest picture.

Automatic 10 point bonus if the husband likes it!

Unfortunately, the broccoli was awful, but the chicken was fantastic!

It was delicious! And easy. So delicious and easy, in fact, that I added it to our roster (yes, I have an Excel spreadsheet of dinner options that I use to meal plan).

Today, I still had two apples leftover. Then I found this little gem at the grocery store:

That's right! It's WHOLE WHEAT pancake mix.

My husband can tell you that I will go for anything that says “whole wheat” or “whole grain”. It’s healthy!

Would you believe that on the back of that box, there was a recipe for apple muffins?! Soooo, guess what I made?

They’re sooooo yummy. They taste more like cinnamon than apple, so they’re not too overwhelming after a week of apple crisp followed by apple chicken two nights in a row.

Now, I have 1 apple left… I think that bugger might be going in the trash.