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To the nearly Mr. & Mrs.:

Today it begins – Andy & Leah’s wedding weekend!! Can’t wait to see these guys tie the knot tomorrow:

Andy & Leah at Dayne's bonfire last fall

Andy and Leah are two of Dayne’s best friends from home. To be honest, one of the things that drew me to Dayne was the quality of his friends. They are wonderful, fun, caring, Godly people. I couldn’t be more thrilled that I’m able to call them my friends now.

me & Leah at my bridal shower in May

I met Leah early on when Dayne & I were dating. She was finishing up grad school at Boston University, and Dayne, Katie, and I traveled up to Boston to visit her and my friend Courtney. She and Andy were not together at that point; they went through a period where they weren’t dating and were just friends. I immediately liked both of them when I met them, and Dayne and I hoped (maybe not so secretly) that they would get back together 🙂

Not too long after, our hopes were fulfilled: Leah graduated and moved back home, and she and Andy began dating again. 🙂 I love them together. They are both friendly, funny, compassionate, and full of faith in God. They are each gifted in serving — I have never met more selfless people when it comes to helping others. Andy is currently full-time with the First Response Team of America, which is absolutely perfect for him, and Leah is a full-time occupational therapist, which is perfect for her. I’m thrilled to see the two of them come together in marriage, after years of dating and years of friendship.

Of course, both of them were in our wedding: Andy was one of Dayne’s groomsmen and we chose Leah to read Scripture.

Leah reading 1 John 4:7-12 at our wedding

Dayne & Andy on our wedding day

This weekend, Dayne is one of Andy’s groomsmen, and I am a reader in their wedding (Colossians 3:12-17). I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with everyone.

And here’s an example of how I know it’s going to be fun:

Andy dancing on his knees to be the same height as my bridesmaid Amy 😉

Andy & Leah: We love you. Congratulations! We have found marriage to be the biggest and grandest adventure of our lives, and our marriage is still in the baby stages! We promise to be here for you and to do all we can to support the success of your marriage. CHEERS!