life of faith

taking baby steps & leaps & everything in between

About this Blog

WordPress & I decided to enter into an open relationship sometime in December 2010.  I’m really flaky and indecisive sometimes (hey, I’m a woman), so the affair may last a day or it may last fifteen years.  Hey, I could even find myself writing an entry to this blog in my retirement home (unlikely).

I generally get freaked out about sharing too much personal information with anybody or anything, so I have no idea what shape this blog is going to take (yet).  I do know that it will be good practice for me to write down some of my thoughts and ideas, and especially things that God is teaching me, on a regular basis.  So here’s to that.


2 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Love your writing. Sent it to my soon to be married daughters. Keep serving Him.

    P.S. Have you tried Calvary Chapel?

    • Thank you, Laura! What an amazing compliment. I’m humbled 🙂 I have been discouraged lately with my lack of time & energy to write, but I’m hoping once the holiday craze settles, I’ll be able to re-dedicate myself to it (and to reading the Bible everyday!).

      We did actually try Calvary Chapel for a while and loved it, and it came at just the right season in our lives, but it wasn’t right for us long-term. We’re really excited and motivated in our new church, and looking forward to getting involved in a young couples’ small group very soon!

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