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It’s the Most (Fill-in-the-Blank) Time of the Year


This is the busiest Christmas season I have ever had, hands down. Juggling our first Christmas as a married couple, with a new celebration schedule and gift-giving agenda, and full-time work and long-standing commitments and quality time with family and friends is enough to put someone a little less stable in the nuthouse!

Actually, I haven’t been holding it together quite that well. By 3:00 in the afternoon on Sunday I had cried not once, not twice, but three times. Part of it was pure exhaustion; I had just worked my first wedding with my wonderful, amazing wedding coordinator StaceyΒ in the city on Saturday, Dayne & I got up early to go to church that morning, and I was getting ready to hop in the car again to drive to New Jersey to see Erica. The other part was just the stress of the season – trying to think of and please everybody is an overwhelming job, especially when at least one person is inevitably disappointed. For a people pleaser and perfectionist like me, it’s upsetting.

So, here I am, with very little free time, sitting down and finally writing a blog update.

SO much has been happening, and we’ve been experiencing so many of God’s blessings. First of all, amazingly, we found a church. Thanks to google, a recommendation, and some wise advice from family and friends, we tried a new church two Sundays ago. Within five minutes, someone came up to us and introduced himself, and he and his wife happen to be the leaders of the young couples’ small group. We stayed about a half an hour after the service ended that morning meeting and talking with new people. We made some pretty interesting connections, and as it turns out, I used to sing on a worship team with the lead pastor. We had been praying so desperately to find a church where we could make connections, and here God is just completely overwhelming us (in a good way) with friendly, welcoming people who we could really see ourselves building relationships with.

Of course, we went back, and we went out to lunch with two couples after church this past Sunday. We are excited to see where God takes us in this church, and relieved and so grateful to have found it.

I have two Christmas parties at work this week that I am looking forward to! It’s such a wonderful change of pace to be part of a staff that I can make friends in and hang out with.

Speaking of, I am grateful for the encouragement of one of my co-workers in particular, Dana, who is embarking with me on what I’d like to call the 2012 Challenge. My mother-in-law emailed me (and a bunch of other women) recently to ask who would be interested in reading through the entire Bible in 2012. We’re using The Daily Walk Bible, which I just got in the mail yesterday and am so excited to break into. It has devotionals and questions and summaries and charts to guide your reading, which should be extra motivational!

Married life is super great and I love having someone to enjoy the holidays with! Oh, and I am SUPER grateful that Erica is home for Christmas. I have missed her so much and it is just a moving feeling to be able to see someone in person who you care so much about who has been gone for a while. She’s safe & sound and it was really cool learning all about her life in Cameroon! Check out her blog here.

I’m hoping to get my blogging groove back after the holidays. Come to think of it, Dayne and I even went to Longwood Gardens with Andy & Leah and I don’t even have the pictures from that, let alone a blog entry about it. So sad.

Here are some Christmas traditions Dayne & I are starting (or continuing) this year:
-cutting down our own tree and decorating it together*
-watching Christmas movies & specials (including A Charlie Brown Christmas, obviously)
-making a gingerbread house
-decorating the house together*
-exchanging ornaments as part of our Christmas gifts
-sleeping under the Christmas tree Christmas Eve (we’ll see how long this tradition lasts)
-mimosas & cinnamon buns Christmas morning
(*and by “together”, I mean we’re in it together until Dayne gets tired of it, and then I’m on my own!)

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

Author: lisadanielle

I love Jesus, I have a lot of flaws, and I'm seeking a life of abundant joy. That sums it up pretty nicely, actually.

8 thoughts on “It’s the Most (Fill-in-the-Blank) Time of the Year

  1. It’s our first married Christmas, also and we’re excited! But, like you, we’re also feeling the pressure to see everyone, do everything, get everyone a gift…you know how it goes. So far, we’re handling it all pretty well, making compromises and having fun.
    Keep up your high spirits and it’s great you found a church. We’re still looking but hopeful!

    • Just read your Christmas blog post and it sounds like you were able to handle the holidays with extra grace!! I’m glad you both enjoyed your first Christmas together πŸ™‚ We’re committed to making the holidays less pressure-filled next year so that we can truly enjoy them and enjoy our families.

      I will pray that you and Wyatt find a great church as well! I’m sure you will πŸ™‚ Keep up the search!

  2. How awesome! I am sooo happy you have found a church home!! What a wonderful new chapter in your life! DO NOT LET SATAN DISCOURAGE YOU!!! It is just a matter of time before he jumps in to shake your faith. This is a prayer answered! THANK YOU JESUS!!

    Now, on to your question… The other night my betrothed and I were duscussing what traditions we would like to start in our future home. He told me, he would like to spend Christmas Eve drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. Now, I know this seems silly… but he is NOT the type of person to get into the Christmas spirit, and it is like pulling teeth to get him to watch Christmas movies (or do anything Christmas related for that matter;]) So I am VERY excited for our new little, simple tradition… and I am looking forward to what new traditions we will start in the future!

    • Thank you for leaving some praise in the comments!! Seriously; the church is such a blessing and an amazing answer to prayer.

      LOVE the idea of hot chocolate & Christmas movies on Christmas Eve! My hubby is also resistant to Christmas movies/decorations/ambiance, so I understand πŸ™‚ Very nice that he came up with it! We watched The Polar Express and A Charlie Brown Christmas this season, and I wouldn’t mind making classic holiday movies a Christmas Eve tradition in our house!

  3. This is our 2nd married Christmas and we’re taking it easy for the very reasons you’ve mentioned (it’s EXHAUSTING to try to do it all, we CAN’T possibly do it all, and we’re hoping to be less focused on the materialistic side of things this year). But we did keep to one tradition…and that’s exchanging pajamas on Christmas Eve. It’s simple and fun and not too costly.

    Also, just wondering…is it snowing on your blog? πŸ™‚ cute!

    • So nice to hear that you are taking (rather, took) it easy for Christmas. We plan on doing more of that next year; we kind of viewed this year’s holidays as trial & error.

      The Christmas Eve pajamas are a WONDERFUL idea! I was just thinking this Christmas how I don’t have enough warm pajamas. Then with sleeping on the floor next to the Christmas tree, my body could have really used some extra padding πŸ˜‰ haha

      And yes, it is snowing and I love it! I believe the blog forecast for snow is until January 4th πŸ™‚ I’ll miss it when it’s gone!

      • I LOVE the snow! So fun! I totally can’t believe you slept on the floor next to the tree – fun idea! And YES, you could use some extra padding! Do you think you’ll do it again next year?

        • It was definitely fun in theory but not so great in execution. πŸ™‚ I didn’t sleep very much past 5:30 in the morning due to the uncomfortable-ness of the floor and the nightmare I ended up having — so I’m not sure I’m voting for it again next year. If Dayne really wants to do it, though, I’ll re-consider! That was his one Christmas-spirited idea this year, so I’ve gotta appreciate it πŸ™‚

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