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Pinch Me.


Well, I have completed my first week of full-time work EVER. Hurrah!!!!

I know it’s only been a week, but I love my job and feel that it’s the perfect fit. My mother-in-law emailed me earlier this week to tell me she hoped I would “continue to have a good feeling about God leading [me] to this job”. That phrase stuck in my head because that’s exactly what I believe! During the last few months, I had no idea how God was protecting and preparing me and orchestrating everything to bring me to this job. And I feel certain that He brought me to this school for a reason, and He is establishing and growing my relationships there – as well as growing me personally through this job – for a reason.

I love seeing how such a big, innovative cyber school works. I love shuffling and organizing papers, greeting families, and talking to friendly people on the phone. I love having a fast computer, two monitors, learning how to print labels, mail merge, and use Excel. I love the routine as well as the daily interactions with members of a huge staff (something I’ve never been a part of before). I love being able to be the first smile people see when they walk in the door. During my last job as an innkeeper, and continuing in my current job as a receptionist, I’m realizing that I have strong hospitality instincts. I don’t know if I necessarily have the spiritual gift of hospitality, but I love welcoming people and making sure they feel comfortable and at home.

I wanted to write this post, basically, to rave about how good God is and how unbelievable my life feels right now. I am so happy. I have never, ever felt completely content and purposeful in my career, and I finally feel like I have landed where I am supposed to be. I finally have full-time hours, benefits, responsibility, appreciation, and interaction — all in one place. I have loved my previous jobs in other ways, but I have never felt like I could actually settle in any of them. I feel like I’m home in my life – married, in a great full-time job with a wonderful staff, living in a nice apartment – and sometimes it feels a little too good to be true.

You know when you’re having a great dream where everything’s going right (you’re on a date with Johnny Depp and you’re really developing a connection, for instance), and you suddenly become aware that it’s actually a dream… so everything becomes a little less good while you’re waiting to wake up and go back to Depp-less life as you know it?

That’s kind of how I feel – like I’m smack in the middle of dinner with Johnny Depp.

But instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, I’m going to be thankful; believing that God is incredibly gracious and loving, I’m going to fully appreciate where I am right now. Life is such that we have to appreciate the good times as we experience them because nothing is ever guaranteed. So I choose to blossom where I’m planted! And let God be glorified through my joy.

Author: lisadanielle

I love Jesus, I have a lot of flaws, and I'm seeking a life of abundant joy. That sums it up pretty nicely, actually.

5 thoughts on “Pinch Me.

  1. So glad you love it there! It really does seem like such a great place to work and there are so many believers there, which I think really helps 🙂 I’m sure seeing your smiling face helps to make so many peoples days 🙂

    I love when I find friends who have blogs 🙂

  2. Continue to be thankful! God has blessed you GREATLY! Do not allow Satan to steal your joy!

    P.S. I am very excited to have found your blog today 😀 It is wonderful to read posts by fellow believers 🙂

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