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The hunt for a job and a house.


Not too much small stuff happening this week, but an overload of big stuff! Besides Dayne & I making the sooner-than-we-expected decision to replace his car, here is a little update on what’s been going on:

My job hunt has had its ups & downs. Mostly downs — I don’t do well with job hunting at all. I start feeling like I picked the wrong major in college and that I chose the wrong jobs ever since. Dayne made the point that there are so many things in my life that wouldn’t’ve happened, and I wouldn’t even be the same person, if I had done things differently. He’s right; when I’m tempted to regret majoring in Youth Ministry, it really helps me to remember how much I spiritually gained from my ministry classes, my internships, and my Biblical studies classes. When I’m tempted to regret nannying for years, Dayne reminds me that the relationships I developed are so special to me, and I may not have met him if things had happened differently. He’s right, but it’s still very hard to find value in things that the world makes look like nothing. In worldly terms, I don’t notice the character growth as much as I notice the lack of years of experience on my resumé.

^Apple picking with Dayne last fall. It helps to look back
on all the ways I’ve grown personally & professionally
since then.

I do have to shift my focus and realize that while I don’t have specific experience in many business arenas, I do have valuable skills and talents. I also have a unique personality and character that has been shaped by my education and experience. While that may not be incredibly valuable in the workplace, it is at least valuable to the people around me, such as my husband, friends, and family.

Anyways, all that to say I have an interview tonight that I’m pretty excited about. If it’s legit, I am very optimistic. If it’s not, hopefully I’ll be able to learn something from it and not be daunted in my search. One thing I was nervous about, which I mentioned to Dayne’s mom yesterday, is the “long term” commitment. I don’t know when Dayne and I are going to have kids, but I know that I want to stay home with them. Most likely, I won’t be working, or I’ll be working very limited hours while Dayne or our parents can be with the baby. That being said, I didn’t know how I would respond if I was asked about my long-term commitment to a job. Deb just advised me to be honest; if it’s the right job for me and God wants me to have it, that won’t stand in the way.

Topic shift: Dayne and I are meeting Kay and Dayne’s brother (Chad) and my parents to look at a house for the second time later this afternoon. I love this house. Dayne is a lot more apprehensive about it; there are some major things he doesn’t like. Bottom line: it is the nicest single family home we’ve found in our price range. The only other option we’ve seen are townhouses, some of which we’d like to see in person before putting in an offer on any house, but hands-down this is a great single family home in a great location for a very good price. I’m interested to see how today’s walk-through goes; I’m praying about it, and if I have to let go of the house, I have to let go of the house! I just pray often that Dayne and I will be led in the same direction; it’s very hard on a marriage to be divided on big decisions. Thankfully, God has been faithful recently to lead us to the same church, and I think He desires for us to work together in these areas 🙂

That’s about it! The struggle to discipline myself to blog came back the last couple of days, but today I defeated it! And that is a small victory for me 🙂 I read a great blog entry from Donald Miller the other day that I’m hoping to write about soon, and I’m also in the process of reading The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield. Incredible book so far. Here’s to all the upcoming small – and hopefully big, too – victories!


Author: lisadanielle

I love Jesus, I have a lot of flaws, and I'm seeking a life of abundant joy. That sums it up pretty nicely, actually.

2 thoughts on “The hunt for a job and a house.

  1. Well I can speak about your qualities and skills from a personal and professional level – you ROCK as our part-time innkeeper. You keep impressing the socks off of my boss (PB) and you bring such joy to me, knowing we’re a team here. Press on sister and keep the faith!! Love you 🙂

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