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Wedding World = a version of Hotel California.

I apologize for not updating recently or frequently, but I have been wandering around deep in Wedding World. Once you get sucked into Wedding World, it is hard to leave. It is a very colorful, exciting place filled with daydreams and flowers and swatches and dress silhouettes. Oh, and checklists. How I love the checklists.

I have also been learning how to correctly spell hors d’oeuvres. Almost got it that time. And the difference between fiancée and fiancé.

On the downside, sometimes you pass through thickets of Budget Blunders, Ghastly Guestlists, Fleeting Free-Time, and Frequent Fighting. haha

All told, I truly love wedding planning. I am in my element with spreadsheets and notebooks and lists and magazines and websites. We almost have a date set and I couldn’t have imagined that everything would fall together so easily (crossing my fingers!).

We’ve already looked at 3 venues, ruled out one of them, and have 3 more to look at; we’re hoping to make a decision and have a deposit down by Monday.

We almost have an officiant.

We are meeting with our preferred photographer on Friday.

Oh, and our families are meeting on Saturday.

So it’s a crazy, fun, exciting, BUSY, exhilarating time! I can’t wait til the venue and date and photographer are nailed down and we can get into all the fun details. 🙂

If you want to know what I’ve been doing besides wedding planning, here is a handy list (because I’m good at them)!

-saw Stomp in Philly with Dayne, awesome.

-dog & cat & fish & housesat – it was a zoo.

-watched The Social Network, hated it.

-had dinner with Kay, who is now a real estate agent! We’re considering real estate.

-had a great meal at Bertucci’s, had a terrible meal at Friday’s. Ate too much both times.

-went out to Lancaster to see Dayne’s family and friends, had fun.

-saw Anthony Bourdain in Wilmington with Dayne, laughed a lot.

I’m sure that’s not all, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I promise to update this blog more often and with things other than wedding planning in the near future!!