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I just HAD to post a link to this blog entry while it’s still fresh in my mind!

John Piper’s wife, Noel Piper, has a blog, and she updated today with a list of wisdom about marriage that was collected at a bridal shower last night.

Some of you may know that I am somewhat of an avid reader about relationships and marriage (Dayne could tell you that’s an understatement), but I like having the tools and knowledge to be the best partner/girlfriend/future wife I can be and I honestly LIKE the work of getting to know someone so (very) different and trying to make a relationship a success!

I thought these tips were right on cue… follow the link!

Marriage is for sanctification…

Author: lisadanielle

I love Jesus, I have a lot of flaws, and I'm seeking a life of abundant joy. That sums it up pretty nicely, actually.

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