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Dayne & I went to the mall today to exchange the jewelry he originally picked out for me for Christmas.  Relax – he has good taste, but got me things that I already had (pearl stud earrings & a pearl necklace).  So we started at Macy*s (where he got the pearl jewelry), and now I’m wondering: why is department store jewelry so expensive?!  After some browsing, we decided to look at a few jewelry stores and I got this little number at Zales:

It has little diamonds over the top half of the heart and the rest is sterling silver.  I love it 🙂

We’re heading off to our last Christmas dinner this evening in Lancaster.  I’ll be honest; I enjoyed this Christmas, but I’m happy this is the last Christmas event of the season!


Author: lisadanielle

I love Jesus, I have a lot of flaws, and I'm seeking a life of abundant joy. That sums it up pretty nicely, actually.

2 thoughts on “Jewelry.

  1. Yea no point in having two of the same things – but that would have been a great gift if you didn’t already have it. That necklace is darling!! I am a huge sucker for heart shaped necklaces.

  2. I love it! It’s beautiful 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful Christmas this year!

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